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the mood

Member of Frankfurter BBK since 2020
Member of KSK since 2020

in Alzenau/Unterfranken, Germany, since 2017, doing various 3D VR Foto and design projects, video editing, and plotting new art concepts

2021: Project Days of 1813 at Frankfurt BBK Weinachtsmarkt.

2015-2017: lead 3D generalist and film compositing FX.
2013-2017: Personal and group exhibs with sculpture, instalation, video Art, experiments, coding

2015 /// Art Management MOOC @ Goethe & Leuphana, best Berlin HAU Theater case-study.
2007-2013: exhibitions of children ceramic and painting works produced in the "Eyes on Fingers" program.

2003-2007: various projects in film effects, pc games and computer graphics.
2000-2002: In Bochum Nordrhein-Westfalen, doing PC Games Graphics.

1988 - 2010: Student Years - a continuous search in the Bucharest Universities. Degrees in Geology and Visual Arts

1970: born Moldavian, grown Valachian, named Hungarian. Childhood between the Danube river and the Valachian Alps, between a rock and a flow.