textual action: code and poetry

I sharpen my word grind blunting my sword.

Concise is descriptive, poignant is sharp, active and moving, impossible is possible seriously funny, geometrically intricate, textually iconic, poetic in form and antagonistic in intentions. I do and this is the written deed.

Horizon Magnetic Storm Shift Trans. Triangular looming of a day.
Iova, man of text. Teodor, my father man of earth, and Elena, my mother of soul.

Textual Act with Iova and Manolache

Poetry Language in Art Ramblings

Coding for stuff.

HTML and CSS with a touch of JS just for webdesign. Plain old Pages and interactions.

C# and Unity for Game Design, AR and VR.

Python for small Robotics with the kids
3Dimensions are nor enough anymore

Coding on CodePen

Repo on GitHub

C# and Unity Projects

Python Robotics